So I attended my first raid in …. Awhile

5 Nov

It’s funny how you think you know what you want to do in-game.  For me raiding has always been this mysterious thing that everyone (bloggers, my coworkers) seems to be doing, but I can’t for one reason or another, like an erratic schedule, lack of full T10 and Kingslayer title, you know, the small stuff. 

This mentality of having to be amazing as a DPS to get into pug raids was a prime issue with me rolling a healer (Nycterenne).  It seemed that all these raids were getting hung up on two things, tanks and healers.  Now from talking to a coworker of mine who had recently started healing, he turned me on to healbot (Great addon), and said that healing with this is dead easy.  I installed the addon, and jumped into the queue for Scarlet Monastery (I know I was in the 30s as the time, but it was a long time ago), and got a group almost instantly.  Suffice to say, healing hooked me, and shows no signs of letting go.

I healed my way up to 80 using the dungeon finder.  Some days this seemed to be a better plan than others.  Fortunately, for the last few levels, I’ve been lucky enough to avoid all the idiot queue-jumpers out there who have no intention to tank, but will queue as one because of the instant queues.

Now that I’m 80, I’ve been running heroics, and I’m mildly disappointed that I’ve been able to heal ToC and FoS pretty much right when I hit 80 without too much trouble.  I was expecting healing heroics to be a bit challenging until I geared up.  Maybe this was different in 3.3.X, but posed me no trouble whatsoever in 4.0.1.

One of the things I was looking forward to was getting into a few PuG raids to see if raiding is something I want to do.  On my DPS characters, I saw PuGs trolling for healers for what seemed like forever.  Unfortunately, since we are so close to Cataclysm, PuG raiding seems to have disappeared on my server. 

The other day, I was lucky enough to get into a 10-man weekly pug who was going after Marrowgar.  Unsurprisingly, we spent a lot of time waiting around to find some tanks, but we finally got into ICC, and got rolling.  I was amazed at the difference in the raid healing to the heroics I’d done previously.  The adrenaline got flowing, and it was exciting, but it was so chaotic, I’m not sure how well I actually did.  I came close to running out of mana, but I kept myself and the tanks (my assignment) alive, so I guess it was a success.

I was amazed that I ran out of mana as fast as I did.  Since I’ve hit 80, it seems like I don’t fall below 90% mana for more than a few seconds during heroics, so it was a bit of a shock to see the low mana warning flash up during the Marrowgar fight.

Well, we’ll keep an eye out to see if some stuff comes up to get my feet wet.  I’ll definitely need to do more raids to see if this is for me.  But I can definitely see how this can be fun with your guildies, and not 9 random strangers from Dalaran.



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