Spec Attachment

17 Sep

I just recently changed Nycterenne from a feral off-spec to balance, and it seems to be working out much better.  I’m reminded of the situation where I picked up dual-spec for Ikotar, and specced Survival, and haven’t looked back.  This has me thinking about why I pick certain specs for my characters, and what I might be missing from merely reading about specs vs. trying them out myself.

Ncyterenne I was intending to keep as feral for an off-spec, since with Ikotar and gravesaur, I have range DPS covered.  However, I’m doing abyssmal DPS as a cat.  I’ll defiantely be revisiting the spec when I get to later levels.  It might be a case of not having all the usefull abilites yet, since my gear is decent for the level I’m at (by no means best-in-slot, but not 15 levels behind either).  This will also simplify my gear choices, and allay any guilt I might have at rolling for off-spec pieces that I may outgrow before I have much of a chance to use.  So far, LFD queues are pretty fast, so I don’t have to quest unless I want to.

With Ikotar, until relatively recently I was specced Beast Mastery with no intentions of rolling any other spec.  However, since I read a few blogs and forums, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was missing out by rolling BM.  For quite awhile I resisted what I was reading, happy with Big Red Pet, and Exotic Pets.  Then came the heroics.  I was usually #3 or 4 most runs, and I started to evaluate what I was doing.  Sure I was going to miss Big Red Pet, but I was rolling a wolf or cat, which I could keep if I went SV or MM.  After a bit of research, it became apparent that Survival is the way to go for lesser-geared hunters, and off I went to the trainer to purchase dual-spec (after all, this was only a test, right?).  I was surprised how much I enjoy Survival, and I’m pretty much SV full-time these days, even for questing and farming.  Now that I was doing better DPS, this change of spec has breathed new life into Ikotar.

I have had a really tough time trying to justify dual-spec for Gravesaur, since I’m attached to Demonology, and I shudder at the thought of questing without my Felguard.  This has some interesting parallels with my situation with Ikotar, even though the irrational part of my brain insists it’s different.  I’ll likely go Destruction, since burst and AoE seem to be the ticket for heroics in Wrath.  We’ll see how things shake out for Cataclysm, but I suspect the Felguard will be back for the grind to 85.

Well I gave Destruction a try, and I did more DPS on the target dummy, but it didn’t translate well to instances.  I ran 4-5 instances as destro, and was doing 5-10% less with a more complex rotation.  Maybe the situation changes in the 10- or 25-man raiding environment, but there doesn’t seem to be any benefit to destruction in heroics with my play style. 

I’ll have to test Affliction to see how that pans out.  I’m curious about this one, since I levelled and raided some as Affliction in vanilla WoW, and enjoyed it.


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