I Can Stop Anytime I Want To ….

27 Aug

With my pending return to the game, I’m faced with an interesting dilemma.  I want to play the game casually, since I’m not going to have tons of time to do so, but I enjoy reading blogs, and lurking/posting on various class-focussed forums.   Also, I have this annoying habit of getting sucked into this game, and I haven’t learned how to feign death or misdirect effectively yet when the agro is raining down on me.

There are a few casual bloggers out there that give me hope that I can achieve this goal of enjoying this game, and manage to see my family and the sun every once in awhile.

I hope I can stick to the casual playstyle, since I don’t have enough time online to devote to some of the more “hardcore” projects I would like to do. 

Raiding?  Forget it with my unpredictable schedule.  Also, with the amount of time I’ll likely have, I might be able to raid one night a week, but that would be it for my WoW time.  I like raiding, but I’m not sure that’s all I want to be doing while I’m in-game.  Besides, almost all of the pug raids I see forming demand the achievement for said raid. 

PvP?  Like raiding, I could probably get ok at this if I devoted all my game-time to this.  I’ve never been a huge fan of PvP, but I do enjoy it every once in a while.  I much prefer raiding, but like I said above, I just can’t commit to specific times during the week.

Achievements?  This has potential, but a lot the achievements that catch my attention are ones that involve a lot of playtime.  I’ll have to think about this one. 

T10 Gear?  Forget it, I’d still be farming frost emblems next summer, and not be there, due to not being able to raid.  That is, if burnout doesn’t strike again.

We’ll have to see how things pan out.  For now, the main project is get my druid to 80, and after that, who knows?


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