Shared Topic: Levelling 1-10

19 Apr

Some folks have been concerned about the newbie levelling experience. I can’t say I blame them with levels 1-10 being very bland, and you don’t really have many class-defining abilities yet. Hunters don’t get pets until level 10, Shamans get one or two totems, Paladins pretty much are just auto-attacking. Some things have changed though, I remember way back when, warlocks had to do a quest for their pets. And they were reasonably challenging at the time if you were unfamiliar with the game.

The worst experience that I am aware of is the 1-10 hunter.  You have no pet, so you resort to melee, after pulling with your ranged weapon.  It’s almost surprising that hunters are (were?) the most popular class, since the introductory levels have almost nothing in common with the accepted playstyle of the class.  I see that they are planning to change this in Cataclysm and have new hunters start with a pet at level 1.  I hope they have some sort of mechanic or quest where the hunter has to learn how to use his pet properly, or we’ll be in for a real treat once he starts running instances.

The other classes that I have played at least give you a glimpse of what is in store for you at later levels.  Shamans get totems, Paladins get blessings and auras, Warlocks get their imp, etc. 

Another factor is likely the layout of the starting zones, with the exception of the Dranei and Blood Elf zones, there is a lot of running back and forth to get quest objecives. 

Now having said this, when I joined the game from Everquest (1), WoW was a breath of fresh air.  There was no loading screens between zones, and quests you could actually figure out on your own.  Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, there haven’t been any changes to the starting zones since launch.  We certainly need an update to the starting zones, so WoW has a chance of competing with the new MMOs that are coming out.  Sure WoW is the 8000 pound gorilla in the room, but they will lose people and market share if they don’t make changes to keep up.

I’ve heard that the starting zones are getting a revamp in Cataclysm.  Let’s hope we can keep getting some fresh blood between now and launch, since I’m sure a lot of veterans will be taking some time off before Cataclysm.

With no updates to the starting areas in 5+ years, they need to improve the original starting zones with better quest layout, and possibly rework when some classes get abilities, so you can have a better idea if this is a character you want to continue playing.  It seems like this is coming in Cataclysm, so I hope Blizzard pulls out the stops like they usually do, and revamp the levelling experience.



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