The Best Laid Plans

15 Apr

I know that World of Warcraft is a game, and I imagine that you’re playing for fun.  What defines fun is a different story, and you could likely have an entire blog, or even several dedicated to that.  I’d like to suggest that you have a plan or a general idea of what you want to accomplish when you log in.

Now I’m not saying you must have a detailed down-to-the-minute itinerary for your game time, but it seems like many of us are gaming on a very limited schedule.  Speaking for myself if I log in without some idea of what I want to do, I tend to wander around Dalaran trying to figure out what to do.  Inevitably I log off in about half an hour feeling frustrated that I wasted the time.

What I’ve found works the best for me is to have 3-4 possibilities in mind when you log in.  You can likely get by with less if you raid on a regular basis (I don’t, due to an erratic schedule).  But I inevitably get a string of bad groups when I log in with the intention of running heroics until my fingers fall off.  On those nights it seems like I’m out of sync with the queue, and have to wait for 20+ minutes for every group, and then get Oculus and have 3 or more tanks drop the group once they zone in.

If you have a backup plan, you can just go quest, fish,  pvp, or do achievements when it appears your chosen course is not going well.  As opposed to trying to make your planned pastime work for an hour or two, and then quitting in frustration.

Remember it’s a game, and some nights it’s just better to cut your losses, and log off once in awhile, even if you can’t play often.  Now let’s see if I can take my own advice the next time thing go South.



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