Healer Frustration

9 Apr

I’ve recently been focussing on Nycterenne, my druid more.  She’s got all the benefits of having a high level sugar daddy (mamma?), and she’ll be getting everything my main never had until recently.  Unfortunately, this also includes some of the bad stuff that I never dealt with on Kit.  Well, I never noticed, or was causing the issue in question.

I’ve recently hit 50, and that means my “random” dungeon has changed from Maraudon to Blackrock Depths.  I’m also noticing that since I’ve stepped into BRD, the quality of players has gone down alarmingly.  Maybe this is more noticeable as a healer since I’m supposed to keep everyone else alive, as opposed to a DPS who merely has to stay out of the fire, and not take the aggro spotlight from the tank.  Maybe it’s because I have to be more careful with my mana to avoid running out at a critical time.

Tanks.  I really have to wonder about some of the tanks I’ve seen in recent days.  I can’t figure out if they’re used to just steamrolling heroics so they feel like they can do the same in levelling dungeons.  Maybe they’re mains are DPS who see tanks steamroll heroics, and figure they can do the same at lower levels.  If you have the gear, and LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT, fine.  Otherwise, you come off as ignorant and stupid if you keep over-pulling without asking the healer.  I don’t mind using inervate, but I get a little worried if I have to use it on the third pull due to non-stop healing.  Also mana breaks would be nice.  I don’t need one after every pull, but it would be nice to be asked once in a while.

Buffs.  I’m a little worried about the player base if you haven’t figured out that you have buffs that help yourself and your party.  It just blows my mind that I have to ask several times for blessings and soulstones when we start a dungeon.  Look through you spellbook sometime, and I bet you’ll find some spells that will help even when you are soloing.

After my recent experiences in BRD, I’m not surprised why most of the healers I come across in heroics have such a low tolerance for games, and other antics in instances.



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