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Are you a specialist or a generalist?

29 Mar

Most of the time in life, we are told that it pays off to specialize.  In WoW, it seems the generalist seems to reap the greatest rewards, at least in Wrath of the Lich King. 

As much as I try to believe otherwise, I am a generalist.  There will likely be a time in the next couple of years that I will have a level capped character of each class.  I’m also susceptible to severe alt ADD when I get a character close to the level cap.  When I get close to the level cap, some part of me wants to put it off so I don’t have to “finish” the character in question (I’m well aware that there is plenty to do at 80, and for some, the game is just starting).  This probably goes back to my days in Vanilla when once you hit the cap, it was either raid, pvp or farm gold, rep, etc.  For most of Vanilla, I was not in a position to be raiding, well that and hunters were not regarded very well back then.  I like the idea of pvp, but I’ve never put in the time to learn how to pvp properly, so I die.  A lot.  Not my idea of fun spending a Saturday afternoon face down on the road in Arathi Basin.

Most of the people I’ve known to play WoW have been specialists, and they can’t seem to wrap their heads around my style of play, and can’t figure out why I can’t decide what character to play.  I’ve seen this tendency in other parts of my life, so I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to.  Which is fine if Cataclysm follows the same path that Wrath has laid down.

I’m hoping that someday in the not-too-distant future, I’ll be in a place where I can say “I don’t feel like waiting in the DPS line, do I feel like tanking or healing today?”



Who is your Main?

29 Mar

How do you decide who your main is? 

Your first character?

The character you’re playing now?

The Death Knight you’ll unlock at level 55?

In my case, I have flip-flopped between three characters in my time playing WoW.  First there is Ikotar my hunter.  He was my first character up to 60 in the original game.  I then moved servers for a friend of mine and Falross my rogue was my main until he hit 60, and I found that everyone and their dog had a rogue, and not many were needed back in the day.  Then I did some research and picked a warlock, mostly because they were not very common or understood very well.  I actually got to see Molten Core with Kitinara (under a different name back then).  I persisted on Kit for quite awhile, and she was my first character to hit 80 in Wrath, which only happened a couple of months back, since I was on a burnout break for most of Wrath.

Right now I think of Ikotar as my main, but given my habits, it will be a long time before he leads the pack in terms of play time on a regular basis.  I’m mainly farming frost badges in heroics with him, with the odd day that I run more than the one heroic with him.  I’m coming to realize that I enjoy the levelling part of the game rather than farming for gear at endgame.  I strongly suspect I’ll have an array of badly geared alts at the level cap some day, with more joining the ranks.

What’s your story?


Would you start over?

27 Mar

This is a shared topic from Peices on Blog Azeroth.

Pieces posed the question would you start over if you could?  Any race and class combination, and any level from 1-80.   Hmm, for me that would be “Would you start over again?”  Yes again.  In my World of Warcraft career I’ve started over 3-4 times.

My first reaction would be to say no, I would not start over, since I’ve had to establish myself on 4 servers already, before the server transfer came out.  But when I start thinking about it, I remember that I’ve been very lucky on 3 of those servers, and found great guilds as I was levelling, even one that kept me playing on a pvp server (which I detest), and playing longer into a burnout that I would have otherwise.

If I was to restart, I would start with a fresh character.  In the past I have played DPS almost exclusively, with the exception of my druid that I have started recently.  The vast majority of my characters have been ranged DPS as well (hunter, warlock, mage).  Since I like learning new things, and since healing has not been as intimidating as I thought it would be, tanking might be a possibility. 

I think I would choose a male Drenai Paladin.  I have never played a plate class before, and I enjoy healing on my druid, so having a healing talent tree would give some good options there.  I don’t really have much interest in tanking right now, but that may change.  Death Knights intrigue me, but I like using the dungeon finder, and I’m getting sick of how long DPS have to wait (even though it’s better than it used to be spamming trade and such).

Now that I think of it, there is a guild over on Argent Dawn that’s recruiting …